Programs for schools

Visiting the Migration Museum: a Guide for Teachers

This Guide has been created for teachers, to help plan their visit to the museum, and provide some ideas for classroom activities before and after a c...

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School Visits

Education Programs CHANGING WORLDS (Years 3-4) This program focuses on the lives of children both pre- and post-colonisation in South Australia, incl...

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Cawthorne Sketch 1843

Changing Worlds: Childrens’ experiences of Colonisation

The program hits the curriculum links of First Contacts (life for Indigenous Australians pre- and post-contact) and asks the following Inquiry Questio...

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Unpacking Histories

How are social histories put together? What stories can objects and documents tell? An investigative multimedia assisted workshop that aims to show ho...

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Being a child in the 19th century

In this fun education program students explore the past focusing on school life and daily life of colonial Australia before schooling became compulsor...

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