Changing Worlds: Childrens’ experiences of Colonisation

The program hits the curriculum links of First Contacts (life for Indigenous Australians pre- and post-contact) and asks the following Inquiry Questions

  • Who lived here first and how do we know?
  • How have laws affected the lives of people, past and present?

This program focuses on the lives of  children both pre and post colonization in South Australia including the experience of children at The Native School Establishment that was on this very site in the 1845-51. As such it provides a unique real life example of First Contact. This program also includes the opportunity for one or two students to “dress up “ in the uniforms provided by the colonial administrators of the school which the Kaurna students were required to wear when attending the school . This, along with other components of the program serve to provide students with an insight into the experience of the children who attended this school.

Years 3 and 4


60 minute program
Cost $10/equity $7 per student.
Ratio of 1 supervisor to 6 students minimum required.
Bookings are essential, please submit a booking request form

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