BELONGINGS: an interactive installation

Created by SBS’s Digital Creative Labs using technology developed by Google’s Creative Lab, this interactive experience shares stories of people who left their homeland, and almost everything they own, in search of a new life in Australia.

For many in the developed world, life can be consumed with material objects. Our possessions inadvertently become everything to us. But what if you had to flee your homeland forever? What’s the one item you couldn’t live without?

The people in this interactive experience were faced with that very decision. For one participant, their belonging is a memory eternally locked inside a purse; for another, it’s a necklace with protective powers; and for a third, the scent of a beloved family member left behind is soaked into cloth. Their possessions are a lifeline imbued with the spirit of ancestry, family, home, and belonging.

Your mobile phone is required to engage with this interactive experience.

Presented and produced by SBS’ Digital Creative Labs.

Made with some friends at Google.

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Adelaide Film Festival 2018