New Land, New Hope: Commemorating thirty years of settlement by refugees from the Horn of Africa

You make a choice: is it better for me to die walking or die standing still?

In the 1990s, the first wave of refugees from the Horn of Africa region arrived in South Australia. They had fled for their lives from Eritrea, Ethiopia, Somalia and South Sudan. They chose life over death, opportunity over poverty and freedom over oppression. They took the ultimate risk and survived.

This exhibition, curated by the Australian Refugee Association, shares the remarkable personal stories of some of those early refugees. It celebrates their contributions to the rich fabric of life in South Australia and shows how a helping hand can completely transform someone’s life.

Over its 45-year history, the Australian Refugee Association (ARA) has helped over 20,000 refugees, migrants and their families build a new life with opportunities to learn, work and grow. ARA is delighted to have worked with the Horn of Africa communities and Migration Museum on this project and appreciates their commitment.