Hanging by a Thread – Mosaic for Afghan women

An international community mosaic project

Over 100 South Australian mosaic artists and community members created a giant glass mosaic scarf. Each participant drew inspiration from the colours, patterns, and textures of traditional Afghan dresses that reflect Afghanistan’s diverse ethnic groups.

Hanging by a Thread – Mosaic for Afghan Women is a worldwide project that draws attention to the social and economic conditions of Afghan women and girls after the Taliban takeover. Over 1200 participants from 46 countries have created mosaics to be assembled as mosaic scarves around the world. More info about the Hanging by a thread project: facebook.com/mosaicforafghanwomen

The project in Australia and New Zealand is coordinated by Kristin Wohlers and Beate Linckelmann. And supported by MAANZ Mosaic Association of Australia and New Zealand, IYOG 2022, Afghan Culture Association, Radiant Heat WA, Mapei Australia.

South Australian mosaic contributors from top left following the scarf:

Karen Stefanou, Annette Freeman, Sue Norris, Doon Hayman, Annie Telford, Patsy Marowski, Rasha Al Delemi, Melinda Pike, Glyn Scott, Rae Cooper, Kim Crowe, Deb Chapman, Suleman Jamshedi, Bev Collyer, Trish Boeck, Beate Linckelmann, Michelle Hansen, Sue Williams, Mursal Jamshedi, Kaye Wieland, Sameer Mohammed, Lorraine Hurrell, Tess Crotti, Justin Richards, Patricia Bolton, Christina  Lorenzini, Gay Veale, Sandie Carless, Ruth Colben, Penelope Craig, Barbara Wieland, Lesley Oxley-Pearce, Jo-Anne Trabilsie, Elaine Spence, Joy Cunningham, Wendie Loechel, Michaela Dore, Diana Laidlaw, Theresa Chaseling, Kristin Wohlers, Nathalie Atkins, Lesley Rawling, Sonya Kitson, Julianne Sellar, Helen Kerrison, Pauline Cotton, Annys Routley, Debbie Collins, Carol Hill, Robyn O’Donnell, Kathy Towns, Jan Boyd Turner, Jane Silk, Jacqueline Puleston, Pauline Clarke, Gloria Neindorf, Ingrid Proctor, Forizan Jamshedi, Tracy Mayhew, Sonja Butcher, Pauline Graham, Elisa Lane, Omid Jamshedi, Julie Aschberger, Charmaine Krishnappa, Janelle Hynd, Claudia Schiek, Judi Mcshane, Carol Hill, Sally Alexander, Eileen Newberry, Joslyn Richards, Wendy Turner, Linda Nelson, Ziagol & Sufalia Rishad, Jaclynne Boyle,  Sharon Allen, Sandra Parkin, Behishta Anwar, Denise Hill, Vanessa Burzacott, Rosemary Pulvirenti, Kerry Cioron, Sonia Cooper, Penelope Craig, Lesley Roach, Freda Stuppos, Marianne Grillo, Jasleen Padda, Julie Aldridge, Wendy Bray, Marilyn Tregilgas, Olga Deboar, Alejandra Catalan, Sapna Jamshedi, Susan O’Rourke, Jenny Crotti, Cathy Hann, Penelope Craig, Dorothy O’Brien, Karen Wishart, Elaine Varacalli, Liz Hallsworth, Debra Anderson, Helen Blackman, Ramune & Vicky McGlynn Haughey, Melanie Keynes, Jill Needle, Janet Worth, Anne Allen, Fahima Ahmadi, Deanna Kernick.

Header image credit: Artwork by Behishta Anwar – Afghan Culture Association of South Australia