Pilgrim: A Japanese-Australian Art Odyssey

Immerse yourself in a collection of fine art created by artist Peter Hall along with Japanese-Australian twins Lisa and Erica Hoy. Go on a colourful adventure of their first five years in Australia told through the medium of photography.

Excerpt from the Artist’s Statement:

“For centuries, Japanese culture has embraced ‘pilgrimage’. The popularity of a pilgrimage was most evident in the Edo period 1603–1860. John Bunyan’s Pilgrims Progress published in 1678 highlighted Western cultures’ early appreciation of pilgrimage, a journey of discovery.

The torii is a traditional Japanese gate commonly—but not always—found at entrances of Shinto shrines. Symbolically, it represents the transition from the mundane to the sacred. ‘Pilgrim’ uses the torii as an allegory representing significant moments in the sisters’ journey.

Pilgrim is not a literal narrative; like many good tales its timeline blends fact and fiction, past and future, with the project itself providing a central point of learning and discovery for both sisters.

The sisters and torii are photographed juxtaposed in a diverse range of South Australian locations, each emphasising cultural, social, and environmental discoveries they make along the way.”

This exhibition is presented as part of the 2022 SALA (South Australian Living Arts) Festival.


Image Description:
Our Australian journey begins at grandmother’s house. 6,000 km and 12 hours from Chiba.
Apprehension, jet lag and a new sense of independence.
Photographer: Peter Hall