On The Terrace

Join us at the Migration Museum on Sunday 19 November for musical performances as part of the 2023 On the Terrace program.

Jesse Budel – performs ‘Mandala’

‘Mandala,’ an ambisonic soundscape composition by Jesse Budel, metaphorically draws on the Tibetan Buddhist conception of the mandala as a three-dimensional projection of a particular deity’s palatial residence. Celebrating the soundscapes of South Australian national parks, Mandala is concerned with cultivating respect and reverence for their resident other-than-human inhabitants. Mandala has been developed as part of Jesse’s 2023 artist residency at Flinders University’s Assemblage Creative Centre for the Arts

Migration Museum Chapel
Performances at 11:20am and 3:00pm

Juan Munoz and Mario Vasquez
Best known around Australia for having been part of Lazaro Numa’s Sabor a Cuba, Juan y Mario will make you want to dance through their high energy Latin music from the Cuban and Colombian traditions. This dynamic duo creatively blend Latin pop, urban beats and Latin rock, performing it in the courtyard of the Migration Museum.

Migration Museum Courtyard
Performances at 12:20 and 2:40pm

Attendance is free for both events.

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