A Delve into the Destitute – workshop with Writers SA

Join experts from the Migration Museum as you take a guided tour through the remaining buildings of Adelaide’s Destitute Asylum, which housed the ‘deserving’ poor alongside expectant mothers and the aged and infirm, from the 1850s to 1918. Learn about the 1600 babies born in the Lying-In hospital, and their mothers. Discover more about the Asylum and how restrictive life could be behind the imposing stone walls.

Uncover the abundance of rich and difficult history of this place, with a focus on history, women’s rights, colonisation and more. We’ll finish the day with a Q&A and writing exercises to put you in the shoes of those early migrants using a version of the Migration Museum’s ‘Game of Life’.

Full Price $115 / Writers SA Members Price $77

Price: A$115.00