Unpacking Privilege – Reflecting on privilege


Prepare to think differently….

How often do we consider privilege? What is it? Who has it? How is it used? Why do we need to think about it?

Come to learn about how privilege may unintentionally influence our work with children and families.

Spend the day exploring privilege from a range of perspectives and be prepared to leave with a new thinking framework…

  • Keynote – Rosemary Kudnarto Wanganeen
  • Lee Witczak from Tutti Group
  • Audrey Mason Hyde
  • Manal Younus
  • Islamic Ambassadors
  • Jacinta Koolmatrie

Jointly developed with Gowrie SA  http://www.gowriesa.org.au

Time:  9.00am – 4.00pm
Venue:  Migration Museum (Chapel), 82 Kintore Ave, Adelaide
Cost: $125
For enquiries & bookings: Book via http://bit.ly/unpackingprivilege
Parking available upon request

Further information: Unpacking-Privilege-flyer

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