COVIDSafe – Talking Toys

How do you play? What do you play with? What did your ancestors play with?

This COVIDSafe Reception to Year 2 program will explore the history of play and toys.

In the historic Migration Museum courtyard and in small groups, students will explore toys and play games. Students will learn to identify if the game or toy is a recent invention or has a long history.

Curriculum links:

  • Continuity and change; Cause and effect; Significance Perspectives; Empathy
  • Skills: Sequence familiar objects and events • Distinguish between the past, present and future
  • Historical questions and research: Pose questions about the past using sources provided
  • Analysis and use of sources: Explore a range of sources about the past • Identify and compare features of objects from the past and present
  • Perspectives and interpretations: Explore a point of view

Cross curriculum priorities
Teaching Aboriginal and Torres Straight Islander cultures and histories
STEM- changing technologies

75 minute program with a short COVIDsafe introduction.
Cost $5/equity$2 per student.
Ratio of 1 supervisor to 6 students minimum required.
Hats essential

Prior to your visit please download Talking Toys reflection cards for students and supervisors.

Talking Toys – student reflection cards

Talking Toys – supervisor reflection cards

The History Trust of South Australia’s Migration Museum is committed to keeping our visitors, our people and our volunteers safe.

We will continue to monitor, evaluate and adapt our education programs to fit government COVIDSafe guidelines and align with Department for Education recommendations. Please continue to contact us with education inquiries and keep in touch for updates.