Buy Me! Learn Me! – Joint Education Program with National Motor Museum

14 October – 24 November 2019

Visit the Migration Museum  for this unique education program where your students will get to discover the National Motor Museum at the same time as the Migration Museum. The NMM will showcase the Hawkers Van Education program in the Migration Museums Settlement Square.

In this full day program students will connect the past to the present in the domain of school life, daily life and rural South Australia.

The Hawker Vans – developing historical thinking

In a fun hands on session, students take a closer look at the objects inside a small scale version of a hawker van. They compare and contrast these old objects to objects in use today. Students  learn about the life of a Hawker and why they were a lifeline to people in remote and urban communities. Students role play what it might have been like loading up the van,  travelling to a remote location then spruiking their wares to the locals. The students will:

  • handle a range old objects from the past
  • learn how the hawkers applied their trade
  • load up the mini hawker van and go on a simulated journey
  • receive a hawker license upon completion

Being a child in the 19th century

In this fun education program students explore the past focusing on school life and daily life of colonial Australia before schooling became compulsory in South Australia.

What did children learn at school? What did they wear? What technology was used? What games did they play?

The program will:

  • Dress up in school uniforms form the 19th century,
  • Take on a  new identity of a child from the 19th century
  • connect the past to the present through developing an understanding of school life in the nineteenth century
  • explore the use of slate and slate pencils
  • explore the history of this site
  • consider the effects of colonization for Indigenous Australians
  • consider how laws affected the lives of people, past and present

Suitable for Years R-2

Cost $7 per program thus total $14 for the full day.

Book via the Migration Museum 8207 7580