A day in the life of a child in the 19th century

In this joint program between the Migration Museum and Ayers House, students will explore daily life for children in the 19th Century.

Migration Museum: explore school life, games, chores.

Ayers House: home life comparing the life of a child of a servant or the child of person who owned the house.

Explore connections between the past and the present, family life, home life and memories.

This program addresses Australian Curriculum outcomes:

  • Personal and Family Histories
  • Present and past family Life
  • The past in the present

Year R – 4

Please note

Joint program is offered is each term on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays only.

Migration Museum: $7.00/Equity price $4.00 per student

Ayers House: $8.00 per student

Bookings are essential,  please call 8207 7580


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