If walls could speak: 5 stories from the Destitute Asylum eBook

If walls could speak is a multi-modal resource which features primary sources and is designed as an inquiry into the lives of 5 people who relied upon government welfare and were affected by government legislation from 1830s to 1918.

The iBook is best read on an iPad, and downloaded through itunes via this link: If walls could speak

(The iBook is an Apple product and can only be downloaded via iPad, iPhone or an Apple Mac computer)

Visit the Migration Museum to see the exhibition In this place: a history of the Migration Museum site, which inspired the development of the eBook.

COVIDSafe – Unpacking Histories

How are social histories put together? What stories can objects and documents tell?

An investigative multimedia assisted workshop that aims to show how the stories of individual lives fit into the local, national and global mosaic of history. Working like historians and curators, students put on white-gloves and unpack, investigate, research and record the lives of several South Australians and their immigration stories. A constructivist ‘hands-on’ approach to 20th and 21st history, with a recent migration story added.

Learning Area: History – The Making of a Nation

Terms 1, 2, 3 and 4

Years 6 and 8


75 minute program with a short COVIDsafe introduction.
Cost $5/equity$2 per student.
Bookings are essential, please call 8207 7580 or schools.migration@history.sa.gov.au

The History Trust of South Australia’s Migration Museum is committed to keeping our visitors, our people and our volunteers safe.

We will continue to monitor, evaluate and adapt our education programs to fit government COVIDSafe guidelines and align with Department for Education recommendations. Please continue to contact us with education inquiries and keep in touch for updates.