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This project collected records of migrant hostel life. A research team at The University of Adelaide worked on the project in partnership with the Migration Museum and a number of community partners. Museum staff and volunteers were very excited about this partnership which contributed to much greater resources for people wanting to find out about migrant lives in the hostels: of migrants passed through South Australia’s migrant hostels, reception centres and camps – including Elder Park, Gepps Cross, Glenelg, Rosewater, Pennington/Finsbury, Milpara, Smithfield, Willaston and Woodside – from the 1940s to the 1990s. The hostels were temporary homes to a wide range of migrants, from Displaced Persons and refugees, through to 'Ten Pound Poms'.The exhibition Hostel Stories: Migrant Lives (2013-2014) was based on the research undertaken so far. In 2016 the University of Adelaide team is still keen to hear from people who are willing to complete the questionnaire or have relevant material scanned.  The Migration Museum has now completed its part of the project, and all new expressions of interest should be directed to the University of Adelaide team via the registration of interest form, or for further information ring the Uni Team on 08 8313 5570


Hello, Along with my Mother & Father and younger brother, we emigrated to Australia from Scotland on the £10 assisted fare. We eventually landed in Sydney harbour in the early 1960, where we then moved out to the East Hills migrant camp where we spent the next 5 years. I have many fond memorys of my time there, growing up, all sorts of adventures, and have often wondered what happened to the East Hills camp, don't even know if it's still there. Would love to find out more about it, and i'm sure i have many fotos of our time spent out there tucked away somewhare waitting to be found lol.

                                             Many Thanks


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Thanks for those memories, Ian, great!  We focus on South Australian hostels in our research and exhibition, but the NSW have a migrant heritage project you could contact for more info.



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