Tens of thousands of people went through migrant hostels in South Australia. Here you can learn more about former migrant hostel residents and staff, how they came to South Australia and the new lives they forged.

Personal Accounts

George Iosifidis

George Iosifidis came to Australia from Greece in 1955 as a young man looking for work and better opportunities. He thought initially that he would work in Australia for ‘a couple of years’ and then return to Greece.

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Krystyna & Tomasz Luzny

Krystyna and Tomasz Luzny were both born in Poland. During the Second World War  Krystyna led a double life. She was a nurse with the Polish Red Cross in Warsaw but also worked for the Polish Underground Army. Krystyna collected, hid and delivered ammunition and weapons used for secret operations. During the 1944 Warsaw uprising she was taken prisoner by the German forces and sent to various stalag (prisoner of war) camps.

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The Flemmig and Reis families

The Flemmig family fled East Germany as refugees after the workers’ uprising in 1953.

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The Henderson Family

Ian and Elaine Henderson arrived in Australia in 1972 with their young family. Ian was a painter and graphic artist in England and took up a senior lectureship at Western Teachers College.

The Henderson family tried living in Canada briefly before returning to Leeds in England and making the decision to come to Australia. Ian and Elaine have strong memories of their arrival in Adelaide.

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The Yates Family

William and Esmeralda Yates, with their three children Pamela (9), Janet (7) and Alan (3), arrived in Australia in 1951. They landed in Sydney and shortly afterwards caught a train to Adelaide via Bathurst. 

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