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Learning at the Migration Museum


Term 4 

1. Losing the Plot!  

12 October - 11 December 2015 and Term 1 and 2, 2016

This education program takes you on an explorative and historical journey of food productive gardens across time including Aboriginal selection and cultivation of food plants, market gardens, productive home gardens, productive school gardens and community gardens.

The focus of the education program that will accompany the exhibition is Aboriginal methods of cultivation and food production.

Australian Curriculum links:
Geography- food security, food preservation, food availability, waste management, greenhouse gases, water in the world and challenges to food production, competing food production, sustainable development, biomes.
History- across all year levels from personal and family histories to the modern world and the significance of the environmental movement from 1960 to the present.
Design and technology- investigate food and fibre production and food technologies in modern and traditional societies; changing food production and consumption.
General capabilities- literacy and creative thinking; critical thinking; ethical behaviour.

Cross curriculum priorities- Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander histories and cultures; Sustainability.

2. Cultural Celebrations! Of light and shadows....

Monday 2 November - Friday 4 December

Exploring Aboriginal culture and stories with reference to the stars and Indonesia's culture and stories around shadows.

Australian curriculum links:

Cross curriculum priorities- Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander histories and cultures; General capability: Asia and Australia's engagement with Asia

3. Indonesia Forum

Term 4 will see an exhibition in the Forum community access gallery that will focus on Indonesian Arts and Performance. An Indonesian language education program will be developed to be used in conjunction with the exhibition. Updates will be provided via the E-Bulletin.

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