The Yates Family


Gepps Cross

William and Esmeralda Yates, with their three children Pamela (9), Janet (7) and Alan (3), arrived in Australia in 1951. They landed in Sydney and shortly afterwards caught a train to Adelaide via Bathurst. 

 I remember the women on the train saying as we headed for Rosewater - 'with a name like that it must be a beautiful place'. As you can imagine on arrival my parents were very distressed to find our accommodation was in converted wool sheds (the walls inside were covered in tar paper) and the toilet amenities were outside surrounded by hessian bags for privacy. 
Janet Moore (formerly Yates), recorded 2013


The Yates family stayed only  two weeks in Rosewater, finding accommodation with another family in Happy Valley.

William and Esmeralda then got jobs at the Gawler hostel, as a caretaker and a cook respectively. In 1952 the family moved to Gepps Cross where Esmeralda again worked in the canteen, until William opened a Grocery Store at the hostel that he and Esmeralda both worked in. The family was by then eligible for a new Housing Trust home on Grand Junction Road.

Their daughter Janet remembers this as a happy time.

The hostel shop proved to be very lucrative enabling my parents to purchase another grocery shop on the Main North Road at Enfield, the hostel shop was sold and my father then opened the very first 'supermarket' in Kilkenny. 
We remained in the house on Grand Junction Road until 1958 and moved and purchased a house in Prospect.

 Janet Moore (formerly Yates), recorded 2013

The family sold everything and returned to England in 1959, but soon decided this was a mistake. William Esmeralda and Alan returned to Australia in 1960, and Pamela and Janet followed in 1961.

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