A new life

Once work had been found and people had settled in most began saving money to rent or buy a house. Those fortunate enough to arrange a job and raise the money before coming to Australia were able to move through the migrant hostels quickly. Others scrimped and saved, and some lived in the hostels for years before putting together the money to settle in South Australia, or return to their country of origin.

The adjustment was not easy, and homesickness made settling in a challenge. It was not unusual for people to return to their country of origin. Some families shuttled between Australia and their ‘home’ country more than once as they tried to regain a sense of belonging.

The majority, however, established new homes in Australia and began putting down roots.

However the transition was made, the first home after leaving a migrant hostel was a milestone for many people. Life had been ‘on hold’, and now it was beginning again.

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