The Henderson Family



Ian and Elaine Henderson arrived in Australia in 1972 with their young family. Ian was a painter and graphic artist in England and took up a senior lectureship at Western Teachers College.

The Henderson family tried living in Canada briefly before returning to Leeds in England and making the decision to come to Australia. Ian and Elaine have strong memories of their arrival in Adelaide.

At the Adelaide airport we were met by representatives of Australian Immigration, by members of Western Teachers College administration and staff, and from the Good Neighbour Council of Australia. It was an exceedingly nice welcome at the airport.
Ian Henderson, recorded November 2011

They were taken to the Woodville hostel where they lived for one week. Elaine’s days were filled with looking after the children and adjusting to a new city. Ian was thrown almost immediately into work. The family found it took time to adjust to the heat and some aspects of communal living, such as the bell calling everyone to the dining room for meals, but Ian’s colleagues were welcoming and they were soon able to move into a Housing Trust home made available as teachers’ accommodation.

On the whole Ian and Elaine remember their time at the Woodville hostel positively as their introduction to Australia. They have since lived in several places around Australia, and returned to England a number of times, but have now settled in the Adelaide hills where, Ian has a studio. Ian has donated a painting to the Migration Museum depicting his memories of the back streets and terraces of Leeds, and two drawings of Woodville streets.

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