Ukrainian Banner

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Date of creation: 
Cotton, Wool, Polyester, Silk
H: 1690 W: 860
Collection Name: 
ID/Accession No: 
HT 86.418 (S)

A border of grapes in traditional Ukrainian embroidery surrounds the banner. Blue and yellow are the national colours.  A diagonal cord separates the kalyna, the national flower of Ukraine, from the Sturt’s desert pea, floral emblem of South Australia. These images powerfully depict the links between the two areas and achieve Kateryna Kaczmarsky’s aim of showing ‘comparable traditions from Ukraine and from South Australia’.


Made by Kateryna Kaczmarsky, Maria Klisch, and Eugenia Andruchowycz.Donated by the Ukrainian Women’s Association Inc., 1986.
Part of the museum's Community Banners project, 'Memories and Dreams'. Symbolic of Ukrainian immigrants' experiences in SA.

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