Fillipino Banner

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Date of creation: 
synthetic fabric, 'barong tagalog' material (purchased in the Philippines), braid, celcast canvas treated with oleo pasto, acrylic paint
H: 1830 W: 790
Collection Name: 
ID/Accession No: 
HT 2002.202 (S)

The images on the banner connect the Filipino community here to remembered people, landscapes and cultural traditions in the Philippines. Most of the original artworks were painted and exhibited in South Australia. There are also photographic images of well-known members of the Filipino community and Filipino-born children in South Australia.

The background cream fabric is Filipino barong tagalog and the braid edging the collage of images is of a traditional Muslim design. Around the edge of the banner there are symbols of Australia such as Sturt’s desert pea. There are also bamboo shoots. They are there to show that ‘a part of the heart of a Filipino immigrant will always belong to their ancestral beginnings’.


The banner was created by artist Norma Hennessy for the Migration Museum Community Banners project. Norma emigrated to South Australia from the Philippines in 1997 and became an Australian citizen in 1999. Her husband is South Australian but both her children were born in the Philippines. She is a practicing artist in mixed media and has exhibited her work at the Fringe Festival. Norma designed the banner with the central images of people as she feels that the Filipino people represent the Filipino culture. The Filipino people who settle in SA become in themselves a cultural contribution to SA. The collage effect on the banner represents a 'collection of borrowed traditions'. Norma has incorporated both traditional Filipino designs, such as the embroidery and braid, along with images that represent Filipino people in both the Philippines and in South Australia. She has also incorporated images such as bamboo cane, Sturt Desert Peas and Cockatoo to represent the two countries. For further information on the significance of the images used refer to Artist's outline in object file.
Part of the Museum's Community Banners project, 'Memories and Dreams'. Symbolic of Filipino immigrants' experiences in SA.

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