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The history of gardening as a school activity is an important part of the Migration Museum’s new exhibition ‘Losing the plot – food gardening in South Australia’.  To celebrate this we have partnered with the Productive Garden Company and two local schools to involve school children in transforming our courtyard into a garden space.

Earlier this month, children from Kilkenny Primary School joined us to plant seedlings and have a tour of the Museum.  Here, they tell the story of their visit in their own words.

‘Last week our class went to the Migration Museum.'

‘As soon as we got there we spotted our seedlings that we grew ourselves.’

‘We got into groups of three and four to do some gardening and planting.’

‘Our plants were sweetcorn, climbing beans, shallots and zucchini.’

‘We planted plants in the pots. I planted sunflowers.’

‘When we finished planting we sat down and ate and played a game. The game was to find a brick with 1836 or anything in the 1800s.’

‘We learnt that Aboriginal people had their own places in Australia.’

‘I learnt the Aboriginal people burnt plants to help them grow.’

‘I learnt that the Aboriginal people did not have television and used the sky to gaze at and to make pictures and animals out of stars.’

‘We went inside the museum [and] we learnt about the first white settlers and some other cool stuff about Australia.’

‘I learnt that when people died on ships that they put a big cloth over them and pushed them off the ships.’

‘We also looked at a map of Australia and learned that long ago they were very protective about letting people into Australia.’

‘We went into an old building that had history about the homeless people.’

‘We got to look at the place where our project is that’s called Losing the Plot.’

‘My favourite part of the excursion was the planting. I really enjoyed the trip and I can’t wait for my family to see it.’

‘The day was fun. I learnt some things about Australia’s history. I want to go back again.’

With many thanks to the students, teachers and parents of Kilkenny Primary School.


Lovely story! sounds like a successful day.....

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