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This blog is written by Migration Museum staff and volunteers. It is a chance for us to share with you some of our favourite things from the Migration Museum collection, and what makes them special to us. Not all of our collection can be displayed in the Museum, so this is also a place for us to uncover some of the ‘hidden treasures’ we have in our store.

A Favourite Family Photo

By Rosa Garcia

This is my favourite photograph of my parents, Enrique and Poli.  It sits on my mantelpiece in a leather frame, given to my parents as a wedding present. Read more about A Favourite Family Photo >

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A Treasured Chest

By Dave Rickard, Migration Museum Volunteer

You can’t help looking at this wonderful object, which forms part of the Migration Museum’s Historical Relics Collection, without thinking it raises an interesting question. Read more about A Treasured Chest >

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Saying Thank You

One of the first objects I knew I was going to include in the exhibition Refugees and Australia, 1972-201 Read more about Saying Thank You >

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Have compass, will travel

In 1862 John McDouall Stuart succeeded in crossing the continent from south to north and back again. On his return to Adelaide he received a hero’s welcome. Read more about Have compass, will travel >

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Treasure of German songs

By Franziska Proskawetz

Franziska is visiting us from Braunschweig, Germany. She has been working with us for almost three months and as her parting gift has chosen one of her favourite things from the collection to blog about. Read more about Treasure of German songs >

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Hand-painted Easter eggs

These gorgeous hand-painted Easter eggs were made in Adelaide, and donated to the Migration Museum by, Mrs Gabriella Iana, a Romanian migrant, in the 1980s.  There is a long tradition of painting eggs at Easter in Romania, and each colour represents a different virtue or object, for example the r Read more about Hand-painted Easter eggs >

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Miss Gladys Sym Choon: Connecting past with present

These beautifully decorated collection items, including a bowl, flat spoon and teapot, were hand painted in China in the early to mid 20th Century. Colourful and striking images of dragons and birds are set against a backdrop of white porcelain, which is surrounded by exquisite gold. Read more about Miss Gladys Sym Choon: Connecting past with present >

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Doreen's pullover

This intriguing and ingenious pullover was donated to the Museum in 1991, and features three different panels, each with buttons or buttonholes at shoulder and side, enabling the wearer to switch fronts and backs to create new looks.  Until recently not much was known about it other than the name Read more about Doreen's pullover >

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A Stitch in Time

Growing up, I was surrounded by beautiful needlework, crochet and knitting done by various members of my family (including my grandfather), and so it doesn't seem that strange that I eventually learned to embroider as well. Read more about A Stitch in Time >

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Fabulous Fans

By Pauline Rickard, Migration Museum Volunteer - Working as a volunteer with the Migration Museum for several years, photographing and storing images of the many interesting and diverse items in the Museum’s collection, quite often I have had the opportunity to come across some outstanding object Read more about Fabulous Fans >

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