Hostel Stories began with a reunion of former migrant hostel residents at Adelaide’s Migration Museum in 2010. Since then it has grown into a research project in partnership with the University of Adelaide funded by an Australian Research Council grant, a series of public programs and an exhibition at the Migration Museum.

Information on the website draws heavily on the extensive archival research undertaken by the Hostel Stories project team, led by Professor Rachel Ankeny. Dr Karen Agutter's research has provided most of the information on the individual hostels which appears on this site. Daniella Pilla's research has also informed several of the profiles. 

This website also features material gathered through oral history interviews with former migrant hostel residents, and documentation of resources and material history.

Prior to beginning research, the Migration Museum held limited material on a small selection of hostels in South Australia. Through this project we have collected extensive information covering migrant hostels operating in South Australia between 1947 and the mid 1990s.

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